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Our passion for breeding Pit Bulls started in 2005 when I acquired my 1st UKC registered blue Pitbull from Razor’s Edge. She was the pick of her litter, and we named her “Girl”. She was very large for a Pit at 75 pounds, and she had many champions in her pedigree. I never found a stud her size to breed her to, so I bred her to smaller, wider Bullies. This was before the American Bully was ever considered a breed. She went on to produce amazing dogs, but I always wanted a bigger dog that was well over 100 pounds, which was very rare in the Pit Bull world. I decided to hunt down the biggest Pitbull stud on Earth to breed her to. When I finally found him, I realized that in order to produce dogs as big as him that my first step should be to get a daughter off him. So, I acquired two big XL Pit Bull females in 2008 from the two biggest XL breedings at that time. I continued to mix the blood together and linebred it for many years. That is why today I am able to produce the caliber of dogs that I produce. XLs were rare in those days and people have added all types of blood to them over the years, but mine stayed pure. When I decided to add merle and tri color Bullies, my dogs had no problem producing the biggest dogs of those colors & patterns.

We started breeding merle and tri color XL Bullies in 2014, and instantly produced the biggest tri colors. We are home to the biggest tri color XL Bully female, our very own 140 pound Art Of War’s Trina. Now we are using her rare combination of blood and crossing it with the biggest and best-looking merle XL Bully studs we could find. We spared no expense breeding only the best to the best to create the highest quality puppies for ourselves and our customers. AOW’s females are bigger than the males that other kennels are using to create their merle and tri color puppies. Take a look for yourself.

All of our XL Bully puppies (XL Pitbull puppies) come with a one (1) year health guarantee and a USDA veterinary health certificate. All pups will be current on vaccinations and be fully dewormed.

Whether you’re looking for a new best friend that will be the envy of your neighborhood, or you’re looking for a new XL Bully puppy (XL Pitbull puppy) that will take your American Bully/Pit Bull breeding program to the next level, give us a call or text anytime at 305-970-1040. We are always available to answer your call or text. Make sure to follow us on social media to see all our future litters and our XL Bully puppies for sale.